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Saving log

What is Log

Log is scanned information of files and folders detected in the recovery process. It proves to be major feature of the data recovery software. We know that after the scanning process is completed the recovered data can be saved to the desired location.

If the disk is small the scanning process takes less time. But if the disk is larger in capacity it takes more time for scanning as well as data saving.

Here log can be very handy. After scanning process is completed and with due reasons you have to shut the recovery process their is option provided to save all scanned directories in log file so that when next time software is operated for the data recovery you need not do scanning again just load the log and can save the recovered data.

Advantage of log

  • Helpful in large capacity Pen drives.
  • Useful when data recovery process is halted.

How to save log

  • After the scanning is completed there is an option to save the log.
  • Click on the save log button and the dialog box appears
  • On the dialog box select the desired location to save the log
  • By default log is saved in dnf file extension.

How to load log

  • Click on the load log button
  • Select the location from the dialog box where you have saved the log
  • Double click on the saved log file and within few seconds all the scanned file is loaded in the software which become active scan and is displayed on the left panel
  • Recover and save the lost data.

The function is very easy to use. Just remember where you have saved the log so that you don’t lose it when you load log

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