What are common reasons for data loss? , Can software recover data from physically bad drives/storage media, burnt drive or clicking sound hard drive?


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General questions

It is necessary to uninstall Windows data recovery demo version before installing the purchased software?

We encourage you to uninstall the demo software before installing the purchased software for the better functioning of the windows data recovery software.

How do I activate my product?

After successful placing the order you will receive Email (generally within 5 Minutes) from our sales department providing you with the software download link and activation key. Just download Software from the link provided. When you run the software for first time it will ask for activation key. Just enter the keys in the dialogue box and software is ready for recovery.

How to differentiate Full and Demo version of the software?

Demo version will show you the recovered files and folders; you can’t copy the recovered data to the disk. In order to copy the recovered data you need to purchase full version of the Software.

Software is scanning too slowly?

Scanning time depends on

  • Size of the disk
  • Amount of data in the disk
  • Physical condition of the disk

Your hard disk may be full to capacity. It depends on the amount of data stored on the hard disk. If disk is full it will take more time for scanning.

I accidentally deleted folders and files too large for the Recycle Bin. Do you have a tool that recovers entire folders with subfolder contents in one action?

The windows data recovery software is fully capable of recovering your folders and files deleted directly from the hard disk.

What should I do in a situation where I have lost data?

First - do not panic. Having a worried reaction can cause bigger problems to occur. Simply use data recovery software to recover the lost data or send it to a data recovery specialist.

Can software recover data from physically bad drives/storage media, burnt drive or clicking sound hard drive?

Software can recover data only in the case of logical errors and can not recover data from physical damages.

Please make sure that storage media is not physically bad.

What are common reasons for data loss?

Data loss can occur from one or more of the following: electro-mechanical failure, data corruption, computer viruses or human error.

What is a computer virus?

A virus is a program that is attached to other code, so that when the user tries to run the original program, they also by mistake run the virus code. The virus code is designed to replicate itself and "infect" other programs.

Does data recovery software work on Windows 2000/XP?

Yes it does.

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