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Bad Floppy Repair Tool "With Complete C Source Code" [$ 39.00]Buy Now

  • You can repair your old Bad Floppy disks
  • Bad floppies having Track 0 Bad
  • Complete source code of the software is available for education Purpose
  • Learn advanced Disk accession programming techniques
  • Disk storage programming secrets
  • Learn use of interrupt 13H in C language
  • Complete disk accession by interrupt 13H and BIOS disk programming Programming Functions

This is the best opportunity for the students and Software professionals to learn low-level Disk accession with programming and to learn how to Read-Write the low level information of boot sector.

You can repair your bad floppies with this software and can make your floppies reusable. Even you can make you floppy bootable, depending on the condition of the floppy.


Complete Source code in C language is available.

The Source Code is Only for Educational Purpose and any Professional use of the Source code is prohibited.

Supported Operating Systems are Windows 95/98/ME. However, Formatted Floppy can be used on any Operating system, depending on the condition of the floppy.

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