Some Advices before beginning the Disk troubleshooting or Data recovery procedure


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Some Advices before beginning the Disk troubleshooting or Data recovery procedure

  • Think Positively and be confident: However it is a little bit difficult to keep you mind cool in such a condition when your important data has become inaccessible, yet you should start any recovery procedure with the positive attitude. You should be confident and should be completely sure of what you have done and what you should do.
  • Note-down the every step, you perform: It is a batter idea to write down the every step and procedure that you follow to recover the data or for disk troubleshooting. By doing this you can get help to know if you have skipped any step or there is any mistake in procedure you used.
  • Not only this, if unfortunately you are not capable of recovering you data, the information of the steps that you have followed to recover the data, may help a lot to the data recovery center people. By this information they can easily find out the type of data loss and its cure procedure.
  • Be sure before rebooting the system: There are many problems of computer and operating system which are resolved by a simple reboot. However, although a reboot may solve your disk problem, it can also make things worse. So do not reboot the system carelessly without knowing the status of system and data of the disk.
  • If any TSR program is causing a system lockup, the simplex fix for the problem is a reboot. Even for other cases, if you have to reboot the system to cure some error, choose safe mode for rebooting.
  • Prepare a best suitable plan and stick with it: There may be many different recovery and troubleshooting procedures for different problems. But you have to choose such a procedure that is most easy, suitable to your system configuration, performs most stable and appropriate recovery and consumes lesser time.

There are some important steps given below that may be the strong part of you recovery plan:

  1. Double-check that you are not doing something wrong.
  2. Check the connection of hardware.
  3. Check the software.
  4. Back up whatever you can before going any further.
  5. Before running any diagnostic program, you must be sure that it is nondestructive diagnostics program.
  6. Remove the drive and controller, clean all their connectors, push any socketed chips back in their sockets, and reassemble the system.
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