Software Corruption and Software Malfunction


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Software Corruption

Software corruption is also a big cause of data disaster and leads the loss of data. Most of the software development companies today give a big slice of time of the total development time of their software for adding the debugging codes to the programming of the software and try to make their program bug free. By doing so, the software may show compatibility with most of the hardware configurations and also may not get any corruption with or by any other software application or even by its own application.

Though the software is developed with proper care even then in today’s IT world software corruption is the second big cause of data loss after Human error.

Let’s take an example of software corruption case. Suppose you were having any software ‘A’ in your system that created a system files suppose named ‘’ during its installation in the system files’ folder of your computer. After some time you installed any other software ‘B’ and it also creates the file with the same file name and in the same directory. But the newly created file may have completely different application than the previous one.

In such case if we execute the software ‘A’ it may call the application of the file ‘’ but this file is now replaced and will not work as described in software ‘A’ and in this way it may corrupt the software and may harm the data depending upon the corruption occurred in the software.

This is also possible in the uninstallation process of the software that uses any shared file and during the uninstallation process the shared system file has been deleted.

Software Malfunction

Though the data loss rate due to software malfunction has been decreased in previous years even then it is not completely secure. Popular desktop operating systems have also reported to have hung and caused severe damage to disk systems area resulting in data loss.

In the development of the latest operating systems and also in other software the proper care has been taken to list out the most of the possible cases to find out the reasons of data disaster by a sudden or slowly due to any software malfunction. These software now include the recovery program from the loss of data even due to the power cut at a sudden.

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