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Hardware Error

Hardware error includes the physical disorder in the storage devices of the computer due to any reason. In this case the data loss may be due to the misalignment of read/write head, any possible problem in the surface of the platter or media of the disk or due to the burnt in the disk.

It is difficult to recover the lost data due to hardware problem completely even partially in some cases, only by the programming. It takes extra efforts and resources to recover data in such cases.

Virus Crash

Even today the virus is the first biggest fear that comes in one’s mind when data loss takes place in any computer system. Though the antivirus technology in today’s software industry has showed the appreciable results yet widespread instances of severe data loss have been reported when anti-virus software could not stop a virus from causing sever damage or when anti-virus software was not well updated.

Win-CIH (Chernobyl), Marijuana (March 6), Monkey, One-Half, Frodo, Spirit, Wyx, Nimda, Sircam, Klez are some virus that have caused major devastation and losses have been astronomical. Virus menace is still unabated and is continuing to cause data losses.


Cases of sabotage are being reported regularly and are increasing at an alarming rate. A majority of organizations still do not have a security policy. Unauthorized intrusions and damages caused by disgruntled employees and business competitors have resulted in major data loss. Dissatisfied employees have found crashing disks as a ploy to square up against employees.

Not only this, the jealousy of one employee from another is also responsible for the loss of data in this case. The employee who is not satisfied with the working manner or policies of another employee may try to harm the important data of the organization for which the target employee is responsible to protect.

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