Natural Disaster types of data loss of one or more partitions


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Natural Disaster

This type of data loss is rare and reported the minimum frequency of loss of data. Flood, Fire, Lighting and Earthquake are some unavoidable causes of data loss. These causes can not be avoided by the human yet the manufacturer may have a plan while developing the storage device, to protect data in such condition.

Other types of data loss

Programming for data recovery and disk trouble shooting is not waiting the system of any organization or any user to be crashed only. There are also lots of cases that may make a user or organization feel to be in any type of data loss and it is not necessary for the system to be crashed to lead such type of data loss.

This type of data loss may also take place when system is suffering the partial crash of operating system or even in the case when your operating system is completely innocent and working properly and data is lost due to any other reason somehow. Let us try to find out some other main possible cases of data loss:

Loss of one or more partitions

The term partial crash of operating system may take place in such cases where we see that our operating system is working in a proper way. In such type of cases we do not feel any problem during the booting process and other operations of the operating system.

The only mystery that make the user unhappy is that he is not able to access all the logical partitions that he had earlier in his disk.

In such cases, the user may feel one or more partitions hidden of his disk and the operating system does not provide any information about these partitions. It is also a commonly possible case that you lose all the logical partitions except the boot partition of your disk in which you were having your operating system installed.

This type of loss takes place when the partitions information in the master boot sector is partially lost. It may be due to the misuse of FDISK like partitioning program in lack of knowledge or any Virus like attack in partition table entry.

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