Types and areas of Data Recovery


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Types and areas of Data Recovery

Almost in every software related problem it is possible to recover the data completely or partially however accuracy of data may lie in between the range from 100% to as low as 1%.

It depends on the cause of data loss and also the procedure of the cause to take place. The following table gives an idea of areas of data recovery in different types and cases of data loss created by software related problems:

Type or Cause of Data loss

Comments on possible data recovery by software and programming

Recovery of Deleted file(s)

Possible recovery is 100%, if it is tried to recover just after deletion. In case some other information has been written in the disk, the new data may overwrite the information of deleted file. In such cases it decreases the accuracy of recovery of deleted file and it may be as low as 0% depending upon the overwritten file area and deleted file type of course.

Recovery of disk Format

Data may be recovered up to 100% with special efforts, but you will have to suffer the loss of original names of files and folders especially which were in root directory. I still have not come to know about even a single software or programmer who can recover all the data after format of the disk with its original names. Provided that the disk should not be overwritten new data on it.

Recovery of Crashed OS

If the problem is software related and caused by corruption of MBR, it is possible to recover data 100% in most of the cases. However complications go on increasing with the factors DBR, FAT and root directories. As it starts to affect data area, complication goes on increasing rapidly.

Recovery of lost partitions

Possible to recover up to 100%, if caused only by partition table corruption.

Recovery from unreadable floppy

Recovery of data gives accuracy range from 100% to as low as 1 or 0%, depending on the surface of the media of floppy.

After zero filling in the disk or after use of data wipers

Recoveries by software 0%. Only by using the recovery software there is no hope of recovery even partially in such cases.
However, magnetic sophisticated technologies are available today that can do recovery, even in such cases, where you have run the zero filling programs in your disk, even six times.

It does not mean that you can not recover data if the problem is hardware related. But it is not possible to recover data only by programming in such cases. It is recommended that you should go to a data recovery lab/canter in such cases.

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