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The advanced searching criteria are used to recover lost data from formatted partition drive or the data recovery which is not possible on Standard search.


Basic input/output system (BIOS) often referred to as CMOS; the BIOS provide an interface for a computer's hardware and software. The BIOS configuration determines how your hardware is accessed.


The process and function that a computer goes through when it first starts up, ending in the proper loading of the Operating System and prepares receiving commands.


A part of the motherboard that maintain system variable in static RAM. It also supplies a real-time clock that keeps track of the date, day and time. CMOS Setup is typically accessible by entering a specific sequence of keystrokes during the POST at system start-up.

File system

A data structure of records where files and directories are located on the hard disc logically


File Allocation Table (FAT) is a file system that is used on different versions of Microsoft Windows operating system.


It is one of FAT file system, based on 16-bit integers. It has a limitation with respect to the size of partitions it can handle.


It is one of newer FAT file system, based on 32-bit integers. The file system is able to handle partitions of 2 TB size and uses the storage capacity more efficiently than FAT16.

Formatted partitions

The windows partition which are formatted (after formatting the drive, data existing on the drive is lost) due to error or virus infection.


A software utility command used to partition a hard drive with DOS and Windows operating systems.


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