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We offers highly-customized individual and group training for Search Engine Optimization and Web-promotion.

Our training is divided into three modules with each catering to a different internal audience. Before we ever step foot into your building, Data Doctor India Inc. will conduct a full site analysis of a given web property. This results in more than just a seminar on Search Engine Optimization but a highly customized knowledge exchange and consultative workshop.

We will integrate the results of the site analysis into all phases of the training, delivering standard optimization techniques in addition to specific information related to the issues detected in the site analysis. This information typically includes recommendations for changes and alternative strategies for improvement.

Here's an overview of our training:
This 2 hour session starts with a detailed introduction into search engine optimization and expands in the second half to more of a "how to." This session is designed to sync up the various aspects of SEO and by using live examples we delve deeper into the specific optimization techniques. We will use our customized SEO training manual as well as the results of the Site Analysis to facilitate discussion. Topics addressed include:

  • What is search engine optimization and why should we do it
  • SEO ROI and Metrics
  • SEO Myths and Legends
  • How Search Engines "Really" Work
  • Overview of search engine algorithms and how they rank sites
  • Preventing Problems with Search Engines
  • Question answer session

Time: 2 hours with a controlled Q&A session

Keyword Research and Planning - starts with a detailed review of the keyword research methodology followed by a keyword brainstorming and research session to determine the optimal set of keywords for the Website. The objective will be to develop and prioritize a list of keywords to be used in natural and paid placement advertising. Topics addressed include:

  • Keyword Research and Prioritization Overview
  • Keyword Brainstorming Techniques
  • Using popular keyword databases to expand the list
  • Techniques for prioritizing keywords for natural optimization
  • Problems with Search Engines
  • Question answer session

Developing Search Engines Friendly Content - This is designed to help developers and managers understand how search engines use the content on the site. This session will explore ways to create content that is searchable, appealing, and maximizes the attributes of the various algorithms. Additionally, time will be spent brainstorming directory descriptions. The session will be divided between reviewing real examples and hands-on exercises. Company Content Standards and guidelines will be reviewed at this time. Topics addressed include:

  • In-depth overview of the key search engine algorithms and how they catalog data as well as develop descriptions.
  • Writing proper and action orientated title and meta tags
  • Writing keyword centric copy and optimizing keyword density
  • Developing search friendly templates
  • Optimizing keyword density
  • Overview of available tools to help with keyword density and compliance
  • Question and Answer session

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