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Tutorial with Screenshots : How to use MySQL to MS SQL Database Converter

STEP: 1 MySQL and MS SQL Database Server

MySQL to MS SQL Database Converter

Run MySQL to MS SQL database converter software to convert database table(s). You can select either local server or remote server to connect with MS SQL Server using Windows authentication or SQL Server authentication.

Note: If you want to convert 4.1 or earlier version of MySQL database, click on Launch Classic mode o convert MySQL 4.1 or earlier button. Go back to convert 5.0 or higher version of MySQL database Exit Classic mode.


STEP: 2 Select table attributes

MySQL to MS SQL Database Converter Tool

Choose table attributes to convert and click on Next button to continue.


STEP: 3 Select MySQL Database

MySQL to MS SQL database converter

From above screen, choose MySQL database from left panel and select table(s) from right panel to convert.


STEP: 4 Select view from a list


If you select converting views option from table attributes, you need to add views from a list to convert.


STEP: 5 Database Conversion

DRPU Database Converter - MySQL to MS SQL

Database conversion in progress, you have to wait until conversion process completed. From above screen you can stop conversion process or skip any particular table that you do not want to convert.


STEP: 6 Database Conversion Completed

DRPU MySQL to MS SQL db Converter

After completing database conversion process, MySQL to MS SQL conversion completed successfully confirmation message displayed.


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