Password Recovery Software For CuteFTP

Password Recovery For CuteFTP

Data Doctor Password Recovery software for CuteFTP recovers authentication details like username and password of any FTP account using imaginary lens that must scroll over the password field of CuteFTP.

  • Retrieve lost password even with special symbols and characters.
Price: $49

Password Recovery

Password Recovery Software For CuteFTP

Screenshot Tutorial

Tutorial with Screenshots : How to use Password Recovery Software For CuteFTP

STEP: 1 Install and Run

Password Recovery For CuteFTP

Install and Run Password recovery software for CuteFTP that provides step-by step process to view password field.

STEP: 2 Select Display Site Manager

Password Recovery Software For CuteFTP

Go to Tools menu to select Site Manager Option and then select Display Site Manager.

STEP: 3 Open site

Password Recovery Tool For CuteFTP

Go to your General FTP sites for site properties.

STEP: 4 Go to Properties

Data Doctor Password Recovery Software For CuteFTP

Go to properties from File Menu to open password field window.

STEP: 5 Password Field

Password Recovery For CuteFTP

Now you can see CuteFTP password field to recover forgotten password.

STEP: 6 Recover Password

Data Doctor Password Recovery For CuteFTP

To view your lost password, drag lens over the password field to see password in password text area as shown in above screen (e.g albert@password).

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