Barcode Label Maker - Post Office and Bank

Barcode software design and generate multiple barcode images useful to label Postal and Banking documents. Professional bar code software designs barcode images with different fonts in less time and efforts required.

Company provides facility to download barcode software trial version to better understand barcode maker software features and label designing capabilities. After getting satisfied with barcode download section, place order to get barcodes generator software licensed version at affordable price.

Price: $49
Other Licensing Options
2 PC License
5 PC License
10 PC License

Software Features :

  • Easily design barcode Labels using advance Barcode Designing View.
  • Generate bulk barcode labels using constant value, sequential and random list generating option.
  • Modify designed barcode images with barcode bar height, width color and other details.
  • Option to save designed barcode images in variety of file formats.
  • Print designed barcode images using normal printer as well as barcode printer.
Screenshot Tutorial

Tutorial with Screenshots : How to use Barcode Label Maker - Post Office and Bank

STEP: 1 Barcode Settings

Barcode Label Maker - Post Office and Bank

Choose Barcode font (linear or 2D) with Manual Data source option.

STEP: 2 Barcode Settings (Image settings)

Barcode Label Maker - Post Office

Using Image settings specify clipboard image type, image DPI and orientation.

STEP: 3 Print Settings

Barcode Label Maker for Bank industry

Here, first select print mode (Pre define label stock or Manual mode) and specify other settings accordingly.

Barcode Supported Fonts :

Supported Linear Barcode Fonts :

Code 11
Code 128
Code 128 SET A
Code 128 SET B
Code 93
Code 39 Full ASCII
USPS Tray Label
USPS Sack Label
Code 128 SET C
Code 39

Supported 2D Barcode Fonts:

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