Barcode Label Maker - Publisher and Library

Advanced barcode software available to design and generate barcode labels useful in Publishing and Library industries. Technically advanced barcode maker program supports linear and 2D barcode fonts during barcode labeling process.

Software designed with enhanced bar code system is capable to design Books labels, CD labels, DVD labels and other type of labels useful for libraries and publishers. Simply download barcode trial and evaluate software features and label designing capabilities in simplified manner.

Price: $49
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2 PC License
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Software Features :

  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Generate bulk barcode labels.
  • Create linear and 2D barcodes fonts images.
  • Useful for publishing industry.
  • Facility to print barcodes images.
Screenshot Tutorial

Tutorial with Screenshots : How to use Barcode Label Maker - Publisher and Library

STEP: 1 Barcode Settings with batch processing series

Select the Barcode Technologies and Type

In Barcode settings you can specify barcode technologies and type (Linear or 2D) with Batch Processing Series to design bulk barcode image with different header.

STEP: 2 Barcode Settings with font settings

Font Settings

You can also specify font settings for barcode header, footer and value.

STEP: 3 Print

Print Preview

Now, print your bulk barcode images using Manual or pre define label stock mode.

Barcode Supported Fonts :

Supported Linear Barcode Fonts :

Code 11
EAN 13
Industrial 2 of 5

Supported 2D Barcode Fonts:

Databar Limited
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