Visitors ID Cards Maker for Mac

Visitors ID Cards Maker for Mac

Mac OS X compatible visitors ID Cards Maker for Mac design visitor ID card or gate Pass for visitors. Software is also having option to manage visitor's details to the database.

Price: $49
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Software Features
Print Designed Visitor ID Card on Mac
Mac users can print visitor ID Cards using print settings option on Mac machine.
Export in Excel
Save Visitor's Records & Export in Excel
You can save visitor's records to view it later and also export visitor's records in Excel file.
Add visitor's details to the database
Software provides option to add visitor's details to the database.
Copy ID Card Design
Copy ID Card Design
You can copy current design of ID card to the other side of Card.
Camera Setting
Camera Setting
Provide option to capture Visitor's photo while designing Visitor ID card or Gate Pass.
Export Designed ID Card on Mac
Software facilitates to export designed Visitor ID card as Image (JPEG, PNG etc.), as PDF and as Template.
Save your ID Card
Save your ID Card
Provides option to save your visitor ID cards in different file formats like JPEG, PDF, BMP etc.
Email Setting
Software is having inbuilt E-mail setting feature to send designed ID cards to the specified email address.
Save Designed Log
Save Designed Log
Software provides option to save your ID card designed log for future reference.
Image Cropping Tool
Image Cropping Tool to crop a single image or to crop multiple images for your ID card.

Tutorial with Screenshots : How to use Visitors ID Cards Maker for Mac

Choose Pre-defined Templates

Select Pre-defined Template for designing visitor ID Card and proceed to 'OK' button.

Add Details on ID Card

Enter visitor details on your ID card. To add photo on your ID card, you can use Camera to capture image and add on your ID card.

Print Settings

To print designed ID card, set all print settings and Click on print button. You can see the preview of your designed ID card by clicking on 'Preview' button.

Price: $49
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