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Tarun Tyagi has written this book on Professional Data Recovery Programming titled, "Data Recovery With & Without Programming". All educational Software and source codes given on this website, have been developed by author Tarun Tyagi.

Tarun Tyagi is Data Recovery Professional and Data Recovery software developer.

Data Recovery Training By Author Tarun Tyagi

Data recovery book by Tarun Tyagi Data Recovery Book

BPB Publications,

New Delhi, India.

ISBN : 81-7656-922-4

Title of the Book Data Recovery with & without Programming
Author of the Book Tarun Tyagi
Publishers of the Book BPB Publications, New Delhi, India
Number of Pages 540
Size (9.5 x 7.5 x 1.0) Inches
ISBN 81-7656-922-4

Quick Reference and Table of Contents Book "Data Recovery with & without Programming"

Quick Reference Study
Quick Reference Study Necessary and Recommended Study
Data Protection and Backups Chapter-1, Chapter-3, Chapter-7, Chapter-11
Manually analyzing the Disk and Crash Chapter-3, Chapter-4, Chapter-7
Hard Disk hardware and capacity problems Chapter-2, Chapter-3
Recovery of Deleted file(s) Chapter-3, Chapter-10
Data Recovery of/from Disk Format Chapter-3, Chapter-11, Chapter-14
Data Recovery of/from Crashed Operating System Chapter-3, Chapter-11, Chapter-12, Chapter-13, Chapter-14
Data Recovery of/from Lost Partitions Chapter-3, Chapter-12, Chapter-14
Data Recovery of/from Unreadable Floppy Chapter-3, Chapter-10
Data Recovery from Partial zero filling or Partial use of Data Wipers Chapter-3, Chapter-14
Data Wiping or Secure (Non-Recoverable) Data Erasure Chapter-3, Chapter-15
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