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Online Data Recovery Training

  • Learn Professional Data Recovery from Anywhere in the World
  • No Need of “Clean Room” and Expensive Equipments
  • No Automated Training software is used for Conversation
  • No Login-Password and Machine based Training
  • No need of Highly Qualified Educational Background
  • No Age Limitations to join the Course No Location/Country and Time zone Limitations
  • Become a Data Recovery Professional
  • Establish your Own Data Recovery Center
  • Start your own Data Recovery Business
Data recovery training by Tarun Tyagi

100% Live “Manned” Training so that you can ask queries and clear your doubts at the same time during the conversation

Online Professional Data Recovery Training for RAID system and Physical - Logical Hard disks crashes

Duration: 7 Days
(Please See the details of all 7 days Below)

Complete Training For Establishing A Data Recovery Business. The Training is completely human based live training i.e. no automated software is used for conversation and you can ask all your queries live and clear your doubts immediately during the conversation. The conversation is done with Clear graphical images and required Audio files and no specific arrangements for the training and conversation are required.

This training includes Data Recovery From following storage media:

  • Hard Disk Drives
  • RAID systems
  • Floppy drives
  • Pen drives
  • Flash memory
  • Zip drives
  • iPODs
  • Digital cameras
  • Memory cards
  • Mobile phone
  • Communicator
  • CDs

The training includes following Three steps:

Step 1:- Training for Data Recovery From Physically Bad Hard Disks (Duration 2 Days, 2 Hrs per day): This step includes Data Recovery From Physically Bad hard Disks. This Step includes finding The Actual Physical problem and its solution such as:

  • How to safely open and close a Hard Disk WITHOUT Clean Room
  • Head Transplantation
  • Clicking Sound Problems
  • Servo Problems
  • Platters Replacement
  • No Spins in Disk platters Problem
  • Logic Card Replacement
  • How to perform Physical Data Recovery even if you do not have clean - room and other such Expensive facilities and equipments etc.

Step 2:- Training for Data Recovery From Logical Disk Crash (Duration 2 Days, 2 Hrs per day): This step includes knowledge of Different File Systems and logical structures of hard disks. The file systems to be covered during the Conversation are FAT & NTFS (used by Microsoft Windows Operating systems), and File System Structures of NOVELL and LINUX File Systems.

This step of training conversation includes discussion of following Cases of logical crashes and their Data Recovery:

  • Virus Attack
  • Accidental Disk Format
  • File Deletion
  • Partition loss or corruption
  • Lost or Missing files and folders
  • Employee Sabotage
  • Re-formatted or re-partitioned drive

Step 3:- Online Training for RAID Data Recovery, Remote Location Data Recovery and Advanced Data Storage Concepts (Duration 2 Days, 2 Hrs per day): This step of training includes the knowledge of RAID Systems and Their Data Recovery Concepts, Remote Location Data Recovery (how to recover Data on Computer, which is not in the same CITY, State or Country through Remote Data Recovery Technology) And Introduction of Some latest Storage Concepts e.g. SAN (Storage Area Network), NAS (Network Attached storage) and DAS (Direct Attached Storage) etc.

Remaining 1 day is for discussion of secrets of Data Recovery Profession and Tips and Tricks for successful Recovery company. Description is all about how to get knowledge and utilities for various data recovery operations, how to start the data recovery business with least expenses. Even description of Required Forms, stationary and Infrastructure. Also the description of complete Procedure of communicating with client in a Data Recovery Center.

Select the Training Package(s) according to your Need from the Table Below

Data Recovery Training Packages and Pricing

Data Recovery Training Package Training Duration

Online Data Recovery Training - Professional Courses for Establishing a Data Recovery Company

(All Three Training Steps Described above)

7 Days, 2 Hrs per day

Training for Data Recovery From Physically Bad Hard Disks

(Training Step 1 Only)

2 Days, 2 Hrs per day

Training for Data Recovery From Logical Disk Crash

(Training Step 2 Only)

2 Days, 2 Hrs per day

Online Training for RAID Data Recovery, Remote Recovery and Advanced Data Storage Concepts

(Training Step 3 Only)

2 Days, 2 Hrs per day
  • All training steps include FREE Books & Study Material on Data Recovery, Data Recovery Programming, logical & physical Concepts of File Systems, Hard Disks, RAIDs, and other storage concepts
  • Free Data Recovery Software for FAT & NTFS File Systems With complete data recovery training package.
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